What We Do

Byrd’s Eye, LLC, founded in 2003 and reorganized in 2011, is a consulting firm that specializes in and offers government relations and political consulting, as well as life skills and executive coaching services.


About Byrd's Eye


Byrd’s Eye’s government relations focus is on federal, state, and local government. Its political expertise is in campaigns and elections. Its political consulting focus is on campaign management and election strategy. Its life skills and executive coaching focus is on the personal and professional development of government executives, political candidates for elective office, their campaign staff, and others looking for tailored assistance.

The Byrd’s Eye motto, “We See Opportunity Where Others Do Not,” reflects Byrd’s Eye’s unprecedented understanding of the political process and the ability to translate that understanding into opportunity for our clients. 

Byrd's Eye Slogan

David J. Byrd, Byrd’s Eye’s Founder and leader, has over 30 years of political experience at every level of politics and government that this country has to offer. He has been an executive staff member for two Governors, one Lt. Governor, a County Executive, and various federal and state Cabinet officials. In 2001, PoliticsNJ.com named him one of the 50 top political strategists in NJ. 

Byrd’s Eye is constantly searching for new technologies to introduce into the electoral process. Byrd’s Eye remains keenly interested in the marriage of technology and politics, especially those networked technologies that create space for social connection and autonomy. The community that emerges from the intersection of politics, technology, people, and action will create unique and innovative opportunities to touch the increasingly hard-to-reach voter.


Our Clients:

  • EEOC
  • Cosmopolitan Mortgage           
  • Enriched Schools                   
  • Interactive Political Media             
  • Chuck Floyd for Congress (MD-8)    
  • IMS Health  
  • Omni Systems   
  • Infinite Glass Design
  • Onyx Spectrum Technology    
  • Wayne State University 
  • AFRO Newspapers
  • Bell Curves, LLC
  • DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority
  • Local 25 Unite                   
  • Starion Energy              
  • Family, Faith, Future PAC              
  • John Campbell for NJ Assembly
  • David Ennis/Millville (NJ) Commission  
  • Quadrant Thinking    


Message from the Founder:

"I have been described this way by my peers and my competitors alike. A politically savvy, results driven, operations and administration executive. An innovative problem-solver who understands how to build consensus and engineer consent in tough environments. An expert communicator with a reputation for strategic planning and implementation of complex public policy and communications initiatives. An executive coach and thought leader with proven capabilities in: public/private partnerships; operations and administration leadership at the county, state, and federal levels; public infrastructure; business and economic development policy, promotion, and implementation; and fiscal oversight.

I’ll take that.

During my county, state, and federal government tenure, I was able to bring my unique knowledge and expertise in the halls of government to the benefit of residents, businesses, nonprofits, and other entities that wanted to connect to the process. I created win-win public/private partnerships that allowed business and government to solve concerns and challenges.

As the founder and leader of Byrd's Eye, I now use my communications and political expertise to assist my clients and my partners in the very unforgiving public arena of government, campaigns, and elections and to educate them on the irreversible privatization of politics."

Digital Signature David Byrd