Byrd’s Eye Launches New Website Connecting Business with Government and Assisting Candidates Professional Growth


October 1, 2014, Upper Marlboro, MD – Byrd’s Eye, LLC, one of the nation’s up and coming political consulting firms, is combining professional, certified coaching, and cutting edge political campaign management to help candidates and their campaigns.

Byrd’s Eye’s new website offers aspiring candidates, campaign managers, businesses and other organizations useful information, tips, solutions, and commentary to overcome difficult challenges in the halls of government and the 24/7 echo chamber of politics.

Spearheading the new effort is 30-year political veteran David J. Byrd, CEO and Founder of Byrd’s Eye. According to Byrd, there are many firms who specialize in campaign strategy or professional coaching, but not both.

“Byrd’s Eye is the first agency to bring professional coaching into the political arena to help candidates and their campaign staff grow and become more effective leaders now. Even Michael Jordan, regarded as one of the best basketball players ever, needed a coach. Candidates for elective office need one as well,” said Byrd.

Professional coaching offers candidates a minimum of four comprehensive strategy sessions—initial assessment, develop/deliver mission statement and, finally, coaching engagement and campaign vision statement execution.

In addition to professional coaching, Byrd’s Eye offers experienced campaign SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis, opposition research, fundraising advice, media coaching, technology/social media, and GOTV strategy.

David J. Byrd, CEO and Founder of Byrd’s Eye, is a two-time Presidential appointee and a three-time gubernatorial appointee. He has been an executive staff member for two Governors, one Lt. Governor, a County Executive, and various federal and state Cabinet officials. David is a weekly radio guest every Tuesday 7:15 pm on Sporlitiks (an Internet radio show where sports and politics mix and mingle.)  The show can be found at

For further information, please contact:
David J. Byrd, CEO/Founder, Byrd’s Eye
240 - 508 – 9791